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Proel SA06S - Рэковый кейс для микшера /сборка Россия/

Полноразмерное фото Proel SA06S - Рэковый кейс для микшера /сборка Россия/
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Proel SA06S - Рэковый кейс для микшера /сборка Россия/
SA06S ( Cases )

The Proel flight case is the highest expression in
protection technology for resistance to shock
and damage, ease of transport and use, durability
against wear and tear, and attractive design.
The choice of the highest quality materials and
production technology are combined with the
guarantee of quality assured by hand-assembly
to give the maximum in reliability and the capability
of customized products. The capacity and
organization of PROEL is world renown for
responding to every need with products constructed
ad hoc, even single units, with incomparable
swiftness (on request, even Standard
Line cases can be customized). For every type
of Flight Case, there are three lines with different
weights (determined by the thickness of the
wood and aluminum used) and accessories.

Construction materials : 7mm (.27 in) Marine Pine ply; Quartz-gray, scratch-resistant
Weight : 13.1 kg(28.886lb )
Internal measurement (W x H x D) : 483x436x405 mm
Rack Units : 6+9U
Latch : small, recessed, galvanized steel "Butterfly" type
Handles : Recessed, spring-loaded, rubber grip.
Technical notes : Rack Depth: 405 (15.9 in)
19” rack base + 19" rack bar for mixer (+ 2 extra units tolerance under mixer)

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