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P.Audio PST-999 ремкомплект

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P.Audio X-12A активная акустическая система,2 усилителя,НЧ 200Wrms,ВЧ 80Wrms

Полноразмерное фото P.Audio X-12A активная акустическая система,2 усилителя,НЧ 200Wrms,ВЧ 80Wrms
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The P Audio X-Class series of portable and fixed install loudspeaker systems represent a unique combination of high performance and portability. The X-12A is a powered two way sound reinforcement system designed for both live music and full range fixed installations. The X-12A contains a bi-amplified power amplifier system featuring a full 300 watts of program power. The X-12A utilizes a 12 inch low frequency loudspeaker and an advanced flare high frequency horn. The rated coverage pattern of 90 degrees in the horizontal plane and 40 degrees in the vertical plane make the system ideal for wide coverage applications such as live performance reinforcement, mobile DJ systems, dance clubs and conference reinforcement systems. The advanced flare horn is mated with a medium format professional compression driver that features high energy neodymium magnetics. The compression driver also features a commercially Polyetherimide Film to minimize moving mass and generate extended bandwidth. The P Audio X-12A was designed using a fully discrete Bi-Polar split rail high efficiency amplifier design and active filter system. The amplifier section produces a full 200 watts of low frequency program power and 100 watts of high frequency program power. The input section of the amplifier module features both line level and microphone level inputs and separate volume controls for each input, allowing mixing functions for the two inputs. The X-12A offers world class efficiency for high sound pressure level applications. The one watt, measured at one meter, output is 97dB, making the X-12A a true world class sound reinforcement system. Maximum output capability is over 120dB SPL. The system offers a rated bandwidth of 50Hz to beyond 20kHz. The X-12A features a high impact injection molded enclosure with an integral 35mm stand mount adaptor and four recessed M10 mounting point for permanent installation applications. The system is a light weight design (36.6lbs, 16.6kg) and integral handles for easy transportation. The powder coated metal grill and high impact polycarbonate enclosure insures the X-12A can provide high output acoustic response, even in harsh physical environments. The X-12A offers very linear frequency response and excellent fidelity for a wide range of professional applications.

*Тип: двухполосная полнодиапазонная активная АС с фазоинвертором
*Суммарная мощность встроенных усилителей: 280 Wrms (НЧ 200 Wrms,ВЧ 80 Wrms)
*Чувствительность НЧ-СЧ головки: 1W @ 1M 97 dB
*Диапазон частот: 50Hz-20kHz
*Номинальная дисперсия: (H x V) 90° X 40°
*Габариты: (H x W x D) 612mm x 417mm x 395mm
24.0" x 16.4" x 15.5"

**Характеристики усилителей:
*Суммарная выходная мощность усилителей: 280 Wrms.
*НЧ усилитель: 200 Wrms.
*ВЧ усилитель: 80 Wrms.
*Входная чувствительность : 0.775V
*Входное сопротивление:47 КОм
*Input / Output Connectors: 1 x Female XLR -Type for Line input.
1 x Male XLR -Type for link through.
1 x Mono 1/4" Jack For MIC
2 x Gain Control (Line & MIC)
*Indicators Power on : Blue LED
*Power Requirment: AC115-120V And 220-230V / 50Hz
*Средняя потребляемая мощность: 250 W

*НЧ динамик: 12"(300mm) с неодимовым магнитом и брызгозащитным покрытием.
*ВЧ-драйвер: катушка 1"(25.4mm) с PEI диафрагмой и неодимовым магнитом.
*Корпус: Инжектированный ударопрочный поликарбонат.
*Защитная решетка: стальная с покрытием порошковой краской.
*Rigging / Fitting: 2 x Recessed carrying handle on top,side
1 x 35mm stand mount adaptor
4 x Recessed M10 mounting point
for flying hardware
*Standard Packing: 1 Pc / Pack
*Unit Weight: 16.6 kg (36.6 lbs)
*Gross Weight: 19.1 kg (42.0 lbs)
*Packing Dimension: HxWxD (cm) 69.0 x 48.0 x 45.0 (5.52 Cu.Ft.)

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